Dear all, We invite all of you for the Monthly Meeting of July 2014 will be held on 27th July, 2014 at 10.30 AM at Hall No. 4, TNHB Complex, Ground Floor, Right Wing, to express our condolences and pay homage for the sudden demise of Kalvi Vallal T. Kalasalingam, who has sacrificed his life to develop our community, giving education, eradicating illiterate. Due to his demise our community has irreparable loss and hardship, which couldn't be compensated in any manner. We shall pray that His soul may rest in peace. By Office bearers, Chennai Branch, Saliyar Mahajana Sangam (T.N).
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Mr.K.Ramalingam (01-Jul)
Mr.T.Gurupackiam (01-Jul)
Mr.M.Velraja (01-Jul)
Mr.A.Muthusamy (02-Jul)
Mr.V.Govindan (03-Jul)
Mr.L.Palanivelu (04-Jul)
Mr.R.Balakumaran (04-Jul)
Mr.V.Murugan (04-Jul)
Mr.G.Palanikumar (04-Jul)
Mr.G.Ramasamy (04-Jul)
Mr.V.Natarajan (05-Jul)
Mr.A.Kannan (06-Jul)
Mr.S.Thurgaiandi (06-Jul)
Mrs.N.Thilammal (08-Jul)
Mr.P.Gurusamy (09-Jul)
Dr.M.Balasubramanian (11-Jul)
Mr..S.G..Sangilikalai (14-Jul)
Mr.A.Ganesh (15-Jul)
Mr.A.Balasubramanian (16-Jul)
Mr.K.Davasianandam (04-Aug)
Mr.A.Sundararaj (19-Aug)
Mr.K.Alaguraj (20-Aug)
Mr.S.Alagumani (20-Aug)
Mr.K.Sankaranarayanan (21-Aug)
Mr..A.Murugan (22-Aug)
Mr.G.Ramkumar (22-Aug)
Mr.A.Veluchamy (23-Aug)
Mr.V.Muthugurusamy (24-Aug)
Mr.A.Periyasamy (26-Aug)
Mr.R.Selvam (26-Aug)
Mr..P.Senthilandavar (27-Aug)
Mr.K.Subramanian (28-Aug)
Mr.G.Dandapani (28-Aug)
Mr.S.Subramanian (29-Aug)
Mr..S.Athinarayanan (29-Aug)
Mr..A S.Senthil Kumar (30-Aug)
Mr.R.Muthukumar (30-Aug)
Mr.P.Athimoolam (31-Aug)

Mr..M.Manikandan (02-Jul)
Mr.K.Thirupathy (03-Jul)
Mr..S.Athinarayanan (03-Jul)
Mr.S.Selvakumar (03-Jul)
Mr..A.Alagarraj (06-Jul)
Mr.A.C..Arun Kumar (07-Jul)
Mrs.P.Bhuvaneshwari (08-Jul)
Mr.K.Jothimani (11-Jul)
Mr.R M.Rajangam (13-Jul)
Mr.N.Ganesh Nataraj (15-Jul)
Mr.G.Sivaraman (15-Jul)
Mr.A.Anandhamurugan (17-Jul)
Mr.M.Gnanamani (19-Jul)
Mr.V.Srinivasan (20-Jul)
Mr.K.Narayanamoorthi (22-Jul)
Mrs.N.Aarthi (24-Jul)
Mr..M.Mahalingam (26-Jul)
Mrs.D.Muthulaksmi (02-Aug)
Mr.S.Lakshmanan (06-Aug)
Dr.M.Balasubramanian (06-Aug)
Mr.K.Sundaramahalingam (07-Aug)
Mr.S.Ilansuriyan (08-Aug)
Mr.D.Jayaram (08-Aug)
Mr.K .Selva Sankaralingam (09-Aug)
Mr.P.Poomari (10-Aug)
Mr.N.Ravisankar (10-Aug)
Mr.S.Sivaprakasam (14-Aug)
Mr.M.Aathimoolam (14-Aug)
Ms.P.Parvathi Devi (15-Aug)
Mr.K.Rajkumar (17-Aug)
Mr.R.AnanthKumar (20-Aug)
Mr.R.Ananda Raja (21-Aug)
Mrs.J.Kalai Selvi (24-Aug)

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